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How Finnish are you?

[x] Both of your parents are Finns
[x ] You were born in Finland
[x] Your last name ends with -nen or -la/-lä.
[x] You know at least five people whose names are Matti/Pekka/Juhani/Liisa/Susanna/Elina.
[ ] Your name is Matti/Pekka/Juhani/Liisa/Susanna/Elina.
[ ] You're an alcoholic
[x] You've been depressed/you're depressed or you know at least five people who have been/are depressed
[x ] It's a big media thing when some foreign B-class celebrity mentions your country
[x ] To you, "tan" means that someone stands out from the snow blanket
[x ] You are extremely interested in what foreign people think about your country

Score: 8

[ ] You like pea soup and you know on which day of the week it should be eaten and what dessert should be eaten with it
[x] You love chocolate and/or salty liquorice
[x] You love rye bread
[x] You have bought fries and sausage from a junk food kiosk.
[ ] You've fought in the junk food kiosk line
[ ] You drink more than just one cup of coffee in a day
[x ] You eat potatoes almost every day
[x] On Independence Day, you should light up two candles and watch how the President shakes hands with celebrities and others for two hours
[x] You still recall the ice hockey world championships year 1995
[ ] You still recall how "ajaa hiljaa sillalla", said by Aino Ackté, was chosen as the most beautiful sentence in the universal expo in Paris in the year 1900

Score so far: 14

[x] You do Nordic walking
[x ] You listen to heavier music
[ ] You watch formula 1 and/or ski jumping
[x ] You gather berries and/or mushrooms
[x ] You or your family have got a summer cottage
[x ] You celebrate midsummer/juhannus
[x] You regularly go to sauna
[ ] Hugging is something that lovers do
[x ] You speak English to a foreign person even though you know he doesn't understand Finnish. On the other hand, you speak Finnish to the foreign when you know that he doesn't understand*
[ ] Most of the songs that are not in a minor key are bad

Score so far: 21

[ ] You have something made by Marimekko
[ ] You own a product with the Unikko print on it
[x] You have Iittala's/Arabia's/Hackman's dishes or other kitchen tools
[x ] You read Donald Duck
[x] You love Moomins
[x] When speaking about the President, it's 'it' and when speaking of a pet, it's 'she/he'
[ ] You think that lakes are not exotic
[ ] You know that in the morning, no one's supposed to speak
[x ] You wait for the green light even though there aren't any cars in the street
[x] You think it's completely normal that when on a walk, you don't meet any living person

Score so far: 27

[x] It's too cold inside if it's not at least 20'C
[x] It's hot outside when it's 20'C
[x] Less than 65'C in sauna is cold
[x] You can be outside without wearing a hat
[ ] You know at least five different words for "snow"
[x] If a stranger smiles at you, you suppose that he's drunk or a foreigner
[x] To you "European" means someone who's from Western Europe, but not someone who's Nordic
[x] Silent moments between conversations are something normal and do not bother your at all
[x ] You apologize when you're late for even one minute
[x] You understand that 'm' means 'yes', 'nngg' means 'no' and 'mnt' means 'good morning'

Total 36/50

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Holiday card exchange time!!

Too long time since I posted. I have a good reason for that. My laptop who served me for five years decided to stop working so I last three month I've been without computer. Sometimes just borrowing my mom's laptop. Now I have a new one and It's working beautifully.

Time really flies sometimes. Im now working on book illustrations and they should be finnished tomorrow. And the book should be published for christmas. I will tell everyone when it's published. I haven't written the book, I only do the illustrations. And I've lately noticed that when it comes critisism I'm myself the worst critisicer.

I should just relax moore.
Its -15 celsius today. Freezing!!! I love my country, I love Finland. But every winter when I'm walking outside I wish it would be summer and everytime in the summer when it's something like +35 I really miss winter winds. Guess it' s human nature. Never satisfied.

Now the main thing I wanted to ask. If you want to exchange holiday cards with me just send me e-mail niina_niskanen@hotmail.com or leave a message here. I might some of your addresses.

Fairy wishes
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Oh my...

"Wind of hearts"

It was time to finnish painting that I started so long time ago.
And I kinda like it.

Soon I'll be adding the images I painted in Hungary for the childrenbook.
I'm having an artshow about them in august (I will add pictures then).

I want to wish Happy birthday to Cathy aka pixie-wildflower!
Thank you for all your comments and support:)

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Another freezing day

What a lovely title. BuT ITS'S FREEING HERE -25 CELSIUS!
And they say it's a lotterywin to born in Finland. Well.. not really for the climate.

How is everyone doing?
Beside the coldness and that my arm is numb after the swindeflu injection. I'm doing pretty well.
Would anyone like to be model for me?
I wish to do more painting but I don't wish constanly use those deviantartmodels.
If you wish you can send me clear picture to my e-mail niina_niskanen@hotmail.com
And we'll see what I come up with it.

Wooh... only month till I travel to Budapest:) yippii. Anyone living near Budapest? I would very much like to meet you.
Now I need to get back to study hungarian.

I wish you all a great day
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Feels like a decade since I updated last time. There is so much going on and it's difficul to run two blogs (other one is for my cross stitching and needlework projects).

New years resolution

I don't waste money for the things I don't need

(Isn't that an exellent promise?)

Keep more contact with my friends and penpals (another fabulous promise but you my friends need to help me to keep it).

And that what is going on I'll be moving to Budapest for two months?
I'll leave in march and come back in the middle of may.
I'll be having my workingperiod there. Part of my arteducation. I'll be working in a creative agency.

Art that I finally get uploaded today


Recognise the picture Cathy?

And "spring morning"

I have horrible flu right now... so no wonder I don't feel that well.
Yesterday it was -30 celsius here in Finland.
Luckily it's been today only -5 celsius.

I'd better get back to my paintings

Blessings to you all
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Merry christmas to all:)
Earth is white here in Finland..
As you can see

This was taken from the near by forrest:) It's -10 celsius outside

I had a happy suprise today in my hotmail mailbox. Maria Van Bruggen gave me 3 month premium to da. Thank you so much sweetie:)

She is having a contest so go to check it out!

Thing is to choose 3 favorite piece from her artworks and explain why they are your favorites.
She has really cool artworks so it's difficult to pick. As a prize you can win some of her original paintings:)

Here are my favorites

First one is..
Autumn has come

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I feel very lucky living in Finland since then nature is on it's glory. Red, yellow, green leaves.. and the scent...
Maybe it has something to do with it that I was born in the end of august (yes that's why I'm autumngirl87). I love porcupines. We actually have a porcupine family living in our backyard.
I found this painting so mystical. Very bright colors and I love the fairy's dress (wouldn't you like to have a dress made from leaves?)
Look at that gorgeus lantern light, so cozy and inviting, butterflies, porcupines eating autumnberries.. I would love to jump in to this scene.
Every autumn I just jump and swim in big piles of autumnleaves. I think this picture shows that nobody shouldn't never grow up.. :)

When leaves are falling

Suprise.. I picked another autumn picture. There is something really peaceful and joyful about this painting.. maybe it is the colors. There are mermaid stories all over world and I'm always happy to see pictures of them.. rusalka, melusine, lorelei..
Since this mermaid is lying on autumnleaves I think she must be really small.
Like a tiny fairy. And those waterdrops look so real:)
I found something really nostalgic in this painting. When I was a kid I always watch the illustrations on my storybooks so this reminds me a bit of those illustrations and all the poems and little stories.

Priestess of the moon exclipse

I love the combining of the yellow and purple:) I'm really found with egyptian mythology so I was happy to see this painting.
In this painting I recognice many different symbols. Mark under priestess eye I think is the eye of Horus and there is ankh- cross hanging in the cats ear (symbol of eternal life).
My sister has huge obsession about vampires and egyptian mythology, so she wears ankh-cross all the time. People might look us quite long time since she has an anchross in her neck and I have a protection pentagramm:)
What I really like is the eyes of the priestess and the cat. Both yellow and striking.
As an owner of two cats I love paintings with cats, foremost egyptians forshipped cats.
Cat and the priestess must have a magical connection between each others.

I wish you all happy holidays!
And many greetings from Finland:)
Oh.. I'll be moving to Budapest Hungary for two months in the spring 2010!
I'll be going there for my artschool's working period and will be working in a creative agency:) But I tell more about that next time.
If some of my lj friends live near Budapest I'd be more than happy to meet you!!

Much love and light
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Christmas card exchange anyone?

Wohoo.. I can't believe it's alreaydy November. And it is christmas soon.
I'm so happy that I have bought and made all the presents in time.

If anyone would like to have christmas card exchange with me this year please leave comment here with your e-mail and I send you my adress:)

Here are some pics of our christmas past.

Much love
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Voihan nenä!

Too long time since I updated.
Thank goodness is my fallholiday now. And that title means "oh my nose" in english (yeah weird sense of humor).

What you are up to on halloween? I'm still wondering wich Tim Burton film to watch? I love "Beetlejuice" but "sleepy hollow" has more halloween spirit?

I was wondering would some of you like to exchange halloween cards with me? They are not that much sold in Finland. So I make cards my self.

This one is oldie but it's one of my favorites. Inspired by Liz Kessler's Emily Windsnap books. Forth one of the book serier comes out this month!!! exiting!!

Of course mermaids needs to have their own trick or treat tour too!