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Something wicked this way comes

Dear diary...

24 August 1987

Hiya all!
I thought to update my bio here. Anyway my name is Niina (with two "i"). I live in Finland wich is nice and green country in northern Europe. There is lots of snow in winter but if the climate change keeps going. There won't be (cries a tear)nomore. And santa claus lives here. And we have great rock bands like 69 eyes, him, lordi, indica ect.

I study in artschool. I love art. I'm an artoholic. I wish to become artist/ illustrator/ arthistorian. My favorite subject to paint are elves, gnomes, mermaids, fairies, musketeers, knights, cats, dogs, animals, nature in it's all glory. I believe all kinds of mystical beings SO i LOVE fantasyart. My favorite fairy artist (and some of them are my friends here in lj) are jessica galbreth, maria van bruggen, selina fenech, marjolein gulinski, Joanna Bromley, Sarah Pauline, Jodi Horne, Lindy van den Bosch ect. finnish illustrators such as Rudolf Koivu and MarjaLiisa Pitkäranta. Abstractartist Vassily Kaddinsky. Pre-Raphaelits, Da Vinci, Mary Cicely Barker, David Delamare, Jade Bengco and so much more.

I was born in 1987. That makes me 20). I have two cats Noki and Pumpuli. They are my babies. I love them so much. I have mom and a baby sister (she is 16 but i still call her my babysister).

I love barbies, i collect dolls (and i admit it). I like to pimp my dolls. Give them a whole new look. And then they end up looking like fantasycharacters from charmed. I'm hooked to harry potter, schocolade, writing letters, couscous (vegeterian for five years BUJAKACHA!!!! No Meat thank you) Movies (mostly to disney animations) I've seen Beauty and the Beast million zillion billion times (and i plan to watch it tomorrow).

I'll think that's all you need to know. If you wish to know more just ask. I'll answer.

Remember to visit my page: http://www.freewebs.com/niinaniskanen

You can also find my works here:

Looking forward to chat with all of you guys:)

love and light